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Kung Fu

Shaolin Do Students are looking for
  • – A Life-long challenge.
  • – Any daily opportunity to learn and grow.
  • – An organizing principle for their life.
  • – A realistic and fascinating way to defend themselves and feel safer.
  • – Vibrant health and endless energy.
  • – Involvement in a traditional and ancient system of knowledge.

If these goals match your own then you’re a Shaolin-Do student who just hasn’t joined yet. Nearly every one of our adult students uses these terms to describe their reasons for training at our school. If this describes you, then at Shaolin-Do you will find a community of people that think like you, train like you, play like you, and are seeking a better life like you.

BOTTOM LINE: If your goal is to reach black belt or higher and feel a real sense of accomplishment then you have a 10x greater chance of doing that in our schools. In the average school, 1 student out of every 100 reaches black belt. At Shaolin-Do, usually 10-15 out of every 100 reach their goal of black belt or higher.

Shaolin-Do students are NOT:

In an ego battle to see who is the best fighter.
Motivated by trophies and belts.
Sitting in judgment about who deserves to be in the school and who doesn’t.

Aren’t All Martial Arts Schools Basically the Same?

Absolutely not! There is a pretty simple test you can use to see if a martial art school is offering something of value.

Step #1 Visit the school.
Step #2 Count the number of adult students.
Step #3 Children are pretty much happy just having fun in a class and wearing a cool uniform.

Adults however are not turned on by belts, patches, trophies, stamps or little stickers. Adults are very critical and will only continue to pay for something that has real world benefits; in other words it must make their life better. So, if you don’t see many adults at the school then the curriculum probably doesn’t have much merit.