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Kids Curriculum

Rank Advancement

Kung Fu

White Belt – White Yellow Stripe

Sparring Techniques 1-10

White Yellow Stripe – Yellow Black Stripe

Short Kata 1-5

Yellow Black Stripe – Yellow Belt

Short Kata 6-10

Yellow Belt – Blue White Stripe

Si Men Tao Lian

Blue White Stripe – Blue Black Stripe

Short Kata 11-15
Staff Swings 1-2
Self-Defense 1-10

Blue Black Stripe – Blue Belt

Flying Tiger Comes Out Of The Cave
Staff Swings 3-4

Blue Belt – Green White Stripe

Giant bird Spreads Its Wings
Short Kata 16-17
Nun-chuck swings 1-2

Green White Stripe – Green Black Stripe

Sparring Technique 11-15
Short Kata 18-19
Nun-chuck Swings 3-4

Green Black Stripe – Green Belt

Chu Chi Kuan Su – Bo Kata
Short Kata 20-22
Ippons 1-4
Nun-chuck swings 5-6

Green – Green Brown Stripe

Lo Han Chuan
Short Kata 23-26
Nun-chuck 7-8
Ippon 5-9

Green Brown Stripe – Brown White Stripe

Short Kata 27-30
Street Techniques 1-5
Nun-chuck 9-16

Brown White Stripe – 3rd Brown

Street Techniques 16-20
Short Stick
Street techniques 6-10

Brown Belt Levels

Students will receive a stripe on their belt for each form that they learn.
Students will test after receiving five stripes on their belt. No stripes for self-defense techniques.

3rd Brown Belt

1st White Crane
2nd Crane
Iron Man
3rd White Crane
Self-Defense 1-10

2nd Brown Belt with black stripe

1st Bird – Luo Tien
Sai Weapon
2nd Bird – Chan Ie
4/8 Staff – Se Pa Kuan
3rd Bird – Yin He
Self-Defense 11-15

1st Brown – Black Belt with brown stripe

Golden Mountain Tiger
Kwan Dao
Five Directional Palm
Sea Dragon Cane
Connecting Fist
Self Defense 16-20