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Kung Fu Kids

The 3 Golden Rules:

Work hard-100%
Listen and follow directions.
Always respect others.

Philosophy and Goals

Ages 5 – 12

1- We teach martial art techniques and principles first and foremost.
2- We teach that fitness and hard work can be fun.
3- We don’t scream and yell at the kids and call it discipline.
4- We never have more than 4 – 5 kids with one instructor!
5- Most of all, we treat your kids with the same care that I treat my own.

The rewards and benefits of martial art practice are too great for it to be just about trophies and little colored belts. We take your children’s future much more serious than that. They need to have fun while learning that hard work is its own reward and good things only come with patience, perseverance and effort.

We understand the importance of finding quality programs for children. The instructors enjoy teaching and helping them to reach their goals. As a program for young people, we hope to give them a good basis for fitness and the motivation to work hard for something they want. We use a militaristic approach at Shaolin-Do, but instead encourage mutual respect and self-discipline. Each child advances at his/her own pace, without pressure. Your child will receive personalized attention while learning the ancient art of Shaolin-Do.

We have a strong award winning children’s program at Shaolin-Do. Children ages 5 – 12 can study Kung Fu in the children’s classes, which are separate from the adult classes. The material they learn is the same as that of the adults, so somewhat challenging, but after that they can easily slip into the adult program. Each colored belt is divided in two sections by a striped belt so the children can reach goals within regular intervals and remain motivated.

Ages 5 - 12

How Can I Help my Child Practice?

The material for the different levels is described in the next few pages so that you can help your child at home. Reading the description to them will help them remember the form as they practice because it reads just like we call it out in class.

Children benefit in many ways from studying Shaolin-Do. They learn to focus their thoughts and actions, they learn awareness of their movements and surroundings, and they find out that the more they put in, the more they get out. In addition to these incredible traits, they become more flexible and coordinated, while improving memory and attention span. They also learn the all important methods of self-defense.

We’ll all be involved in this one! We regularly emphasize to the children that kung fu is ONLY for self-defense and when it’s appropriate to use. We encourage you to remind them of this. We’ve found that the more training you’ve had, the less likely you are to respond to those who taunt you.